6 Week Online Short Certificate Course

Alhamdulillah another Ta'meer Online Short course (TOI-4)

Global On-line E- Certificate Course

6th Sep, 2021 to 11th Oct, 2021

Surah Al Asr is the most comprehensive Surah of the Qur’an that is composed of only three ayahs yet the strongest one in its influence and themes.

Al-Shafi said,

“If the people were to reflect upon Surat al-‘Asr, it would be enough for them”.

Course Details:
Detailed and practical analysis of words to get the best inspirations in practical lives.

Last date for registration is August 29, 2021

Course Days: Every Monday. From September 6, 2021 till October 11, 2021

Class DurationEach class will be around 50-60min each 

Language of instruction: Primarily Urdu (course is bilingual)

Course work: Comprising of 6 Sessions with 2 online assessments (After 3 classes, assessment will be given). 

Course will be based on recorded audio lectures. Students can listen to these at their convenience before the next class. Weekly lectures will be uploaded every Monday

 Course Investment: 3,000 PKR for the complete course (Fee is non-refundable)

Registration Method & Important Points:

  • Fill the online Registration Form.
  • Deposit Course Fee. The fee must be deposited in Ta’meer Online Institute’s account before last date. Details are provided on Online Registration form.
  • Note: Fees are acceptable via bank deposit, online transfer, Easy paisa, Mobicash/JazzCash and other methods which allow direct deposit in the bank account.
  • Fill another Form available on the Registration page to share deposit slip/ transaction receipt with your name, valid Whatsapp number (with country code) and a copy of your CNIC/NICOP (both sides). Make sure the File size is small, anything above 1MB will not let you submit the form. 
  • Your registration will be confirmed before the commencement of the course, it might take us few days to process your request.
  • The fee is non-refundable, and can not be switched to any other course.
  • Fee must be deposited only in Ta’meer Online Institute account. We are not responsible for depositing in incorrect account or otherwise. Bank account details are on the admission form.
  • Depositing fee after due date will be considered gift only.
  • Last date of admission: 29th August 2021 ( 21st to 29th August )
  • If the above terms and conditions are acceptable then kindly complete all steps of admission.
  • For queries only WhatsApp on: +92 342 824 7021 or email at tameeronline.institute@gmail.co

Online Course: Requirements & Policy

Registration Requirement:

  1. The course is offered for serious minded women only, who can do assignments(not for listening).
  2. Young girls from 16 can take admission too with same policies.
  3. Ta’meer does not offer self paced courses, so kindly join only if you can follow our pace and honour commitments.
  4. Students must be able to read and reply to messages in English.
  5. Join only if you can commit on our pace. (No extra time will be given)
  6. All audios will be shared via Google drive.
  7. Students must:
    • have their own email account, Whatsapp Numbers
    • know how to use email, Google drive, and Google Forms
    • know listen each lecture completely and make her own notes
    • not share notes with any outsider nor with course mates (its amanah)
    • write notes and submit assignments on time. (This course is not only to be heard.)

Otherwise students may be asked to leave the course.

  • Institute administration has all the rights to remove
    student from the course upon not fulfilling requirements.
  • E- Certificates and result will be given to only those
    who complete the course.
  • Students must pass both online assessment with minimum 85%
  • Registring in the course will be a commitment from your end so please
    join with responsibility.


    If you don’t agree with all above, then please do not join this course.

    اگر اوپرلکھے ہوۓ کام آپ نہیں کر سکتیں تو پلیز براۓ مہربانی کورس 

  • Course Administration has all the right to remove those students who do not submit assessment on time. 
  • Note: Our certificate courses are paid. For free content, you can connect with us on the following platforms:
  • – Officials whatsapp (Sacred Drops)
    – Official YouTube Channel
    – Facebook live sessions
    – Audios posted on www.tameer.info and www.aiashaamir.com

Note : All audios are amanah and you will not forward audios to any one and not do course on copying these lectures.