Global Online E-Certificate Course - 6 Month

Alhumdulillah another Ta’meer Short Online Course.      

مبادی لغۃ العربیہ القرانیۃ

August 2023 - February 2024

LEVEL I: تسھیل النحو

This systematic study is to achieve our purpose- to start loving the kalaam of Allah (swt), develop an admiration for Quranic language and admire the work of the scholars. 

Online Course Details:

Basic of Nahw – Noun Description (Noun Description (Identifying nouns in 4 aspects)

Course Work: Comprises of 26 Weeks with 26 worksheets.
Course Dates: August 10, 2023 to February 14, 2024
Course Day: Once a week, every Thursday
Coursework: Compulsory 26 worksheets, each with a session. This course is not for listeners. Course will be based on recorded videos.

Language of Instruction: Primarily Urdu (Bilingual)

Registration Dates: July 24 to July 30, 2023, Last Date of Registration: July 30, 2023

Course Investment: PKR 8000/- for the complete course

Registration Method:

  • Read Policy Statements below before deciding to join the course. If all the terms and conditions are acceptable then join the course.
  • Fill the Online Registration Form.
  • Deposit Course Fee. The fee must be deposited in Ta’meer Online Institute’s account before last date. Details are provided on Registration form.
  • Note: Fees are acceptable via bank deposit, online transfer, Easy paisa, Mobicash/JazzCash and other methods which allow
    direct deposit in the bank account.
  • After Fee payment, fill the Fee Submission Form available on the Registration link. In case if you are unable to submit the form, email all the required details with deposit slip/ transaction receipt with your name, valid Whatsapp number (with country code) and a copy of your CNIC/NICOP (both sides) to the email address
  • Your registration will be confirmed before the commencement of the course, it might take us 4-6 days to process your request.
  • For queries only WhatsApp on: +92 342 824 7021


1) بنیادی اصطلاحات
2) کلمہ اور اقسام
3) اسم کیا ہے
4) اسم کی اقسام
5) اسم کا عدد
6) اسم کا جنس
7) اسم کی وسعت
8) اسم کا اعراب
9) اعراب ظاہر کرنے کے لحاظ سے اسم کی اقسام
10) اسم اشارہ
11) اسم ضمیر
12) مرکب ناقص اور اقسام

Important Online Course: Prerequisite Policy

Registration Requirement:

  1. The course is offered for serious minded women only, who can do worksheets.
  2. Young girls from 16 can take admission too with same policies.
  3. Students must be able to read and reply to messages in English.
  4. Join only if you can commit on our pace. (No extra time will be given)
  5. That recorded sessions will be given to students so they can listen at their convenience before next class.
  6. All audios & videos of lectures will be shared via Google drive.
  7. Result & Certificates will be emailed only. You can print these as per desire.
  8. Students must:
    • have their own email account, Whatsapp Numbers
    • know how to use email, Google drive, and Google Forms
    • know how to print a PDF, use email and Google drive.
    • know how to use Camscanner app for worksheet submission (Tutorials will be provided how to use online portal via phone and computer)

(If not then please do not join this course.)

اگر اوپر لکھے ہوۓ کام آپ نہیں کر سکتیں تو پلیز کورس جوائن نہ کیجیۓ ۔ بہت مہربانی۔

  • Notes must be written and worksheets must be submitted on time. Failing to submit the worksheets may lead to expel from the course.
  • (This course is not for auditors.)  Otherwise students may be asked to leave the course.
  • Assignment has to be done in given time for the eligibility of Certificate.
  • Passing percentage is 80% for every worksheet. 
  • Course Administration has all the right to remove those students who do not submit work on time. Students must pass all worksheets with minimum 80%
  • Note: Our certificate courses are paid. For free content, you can connect with us on the following platforms:
  • – Officials whatsapp (Sacred Drops)
    – Official YouTube Channel
    – Facebook live sessions
    – Audios posted on and

Note : All audios are amanah and you will not forward audios to any one and not do course on copying these lectureworksheets